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Restored piano, Merriman

The Piano Exchange Gallery

We believe in a green approach and recycle pianos. We have "saved" many pianos from the landfill, and found good homes for them.There are affordable options to buying a piano for your home.

See below to view pianos for sale, or if you are looking to sell your piano, we have customers looking for pianos. Contact us if you'd like us to advertise your piano on our web page. We can evaluate your piano to assess its fair value, and if required, we will help you prepare it for selling.






Pianos For Sale

Chickering Baby Grand

Baby Grand Piano-Lid Open

Baby Grand Piano Lid Closed

Baby Grand Piano with Bench

Baby Grand Piano Keyboard

Chickering Baby Grand Piano detail

Chickering Baby Grand Piano Legs

Chickering Baby Grand Piano Pedals

Chickering Baby Grand Piano Leg

Chickering Baby Grand Piano Music Rack

Chickering Baby Grand Piano Inside

Chickering Baby Grand Piano Harp Detail

photos by Mary Merriman


Pianos "Wanted" to Buy

If you have a piano that fits any of these descriptions, please contact us. We have customers searching for just the "right" piano. We can also help you find a buyer for your piano.

1) Small Upright with Ebony finish.

2) 5'- 6' Grand, preferrably Yamaha or Kawaii.



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Office Manager

Stephen Merriman

Piano Tuner & Technician


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Chickering Baby Grand Piano - 5'1"

Mahogany. Dated 1949.

Refinished 10 years ago.

Bench included.

This piano has an overall good tone, with a strong, clear bass. It holds tunings well. The action was recently reconditioned, regulated, and tuned to A440 (this June).

It has been well-maintained throughout the years.

The cost of $5,500 includes delivery and 1 follow-up tuning (if delivered in the local area; additional fee for stairs, or more than three steps into house).


Please scroll down to view all of the photos.









The removable bench seat has been repadded and recovered.













The keytops are in excellent condition.





























































(This is the last photo of the Chickering Baby Grand Piano.)








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