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Michael Musillami Trio - performs at Merrimans' Playhouse Feb. 17, 2013

Sun Speak to perform at Merrimans' Playhouse

Ben Goldberg Trio @ Merrimans' Playhouse


Raptor Billy to perform at Merrimans' Plyahouse


Zebec to perform at Merrimans' Playhouse

Stephen and Mary Merriman at Merrimans' Playhouse

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about Merrimans' Playhouse and
Merrimans' Complete Piano Service

Keep checking back for upcoming
jazz concerts. Scheduling is an
ongoing process.


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Discover Jazz in South Bend!

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Michael Musillami Trio
(more info)

Saturday, March 7
8:00 pm





Sun Speak
(more info coming soon)

Thursday, March 12
8:00 pm



Ben Goldberg Trio
(more info coming soon)

Tuesday, March 17
8:00 pm





Raptor Billy
(more info coming soon)

Friday, March 20
8:00 pm




Ishmael Ali's Zebec
(more info coming soon)

Tuesday, March 24
8:00 pm



Jazz Open Session with
The Merrimans
(Straight Ahead Jazz)
It's open to the public, and Free. Listen. Play.
Woodshed. Discuss. Based on Jazz Standards. It's a Learning Environment. Bring your Instrument, your Ears, your Friends. Egos stay at the door.
Every Monday
7:30 pm - 10:30 pm



Merrimans' Playhouse
1211 Mishawaka Ave.
South Bend, IN 46615

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Event Parking at The Farmer's Market

TICKET Information:
Buy Tickets early; we have
limited seating. Purchase
tickets online using a credit card.
Please follow the link on the
event page.




Merrimans' Playhouse Stage

Merrimuse Enterprises

Jazz Performance Series

Experience the art of jazz in South Bend, in an intimate space that is affordable and family friendly...

What's It All About
Merrimans' Playhouse Jazz Performance Series

Please visit our Archived Concerts.
We have photos of Season One & Two for Merrimans' Playhouse Jazz Performance Series.

Made possible by
Merrimans' Complete Piano Service

Carmen Piasecki, Attorney
Bill Lamie, Alliance Architects, and Rob Easley.

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